New 2-seater car club launches in Brum

Over 100 Smartfortwo cars have popped up across Birmingham today for the launch of the Car2go ‘drive on demand’ car club.
You don’t book a car, but instead you go online on your PC or smartphone to find your nearest car, unlock it with your membership card, and then your booking has begun!
Use for short, one-way trips within the ‘home area’, for 1 or 2 people, without much luggage. Costs £29.90 to register (free if you do it before the end of May).
Car use costs 35p per minute (£14.90 per hour).
What do you think? Would you use it?


2 responses to “New 2-seater car club launches in Brum

  1. I would really like to register, but the link in your post does not seem to work:

    any suggestions

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