Our values

Our vision is a place where people come before cars. Where clean air and road safety are more important than parking space and rat runs. Where most journeys are made in non-polluting ways and people aren’t afraid to ride a bike with their children in a park, on the road, or in the city centre. Where people can afford to go by bus or train, or use a low-emission vehicle where they need one. Where people feel fit, healthy and confident to walk or ride a bike in their neighbourhood and outdoor spaces.

Our mission: with a team of passionate, inspiring and creative workers and volunteers, Green Revolutions will:

  • reduce car use by running a car and cycle club that is cheaper and more convenient than owning a car
  • reduce pollutants and CO2 emissions by only supplying low CO2, hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Help people get fitter, healthier and more confident by arranging/coordinating/promoting/subsidising local outdoor fitness activities and cycling proficiency training
  • Campaign for safer road layouts and speed restrictions to make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Work with public transport providers to inform local people of the options and routes available, using social media, printed materials and face-to-face advice.

  • Our values: we want all people – regardless of income, age, ethnicity, gender or disability – to have access to our products and services. We believe that car use should take priority over our health and the environment. Our profits will be used to fund health-giving activities and modes of transport. We will always strive to improve the environment and people’s enjoyment or being outdoors.

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