What’s a Car & Cycle Club?

The cost of owning a car is rising fast, making it a luxury many of us can no longer afford. If we care about the environment we try to use our cars less but it’s hard to do without one all together. Public transport isn’t cheap either and can’t replace cars for their convenience. Car Clubs provide an alternative. You can become a member of a car club quite cheaply, especially when compared with the cost of motor insurance, road tax, repairs and the rest. You then only pay an hourly rate and mileage, when you actually use the car.

Green Revolutions are operating Co-wheels Car a Club Birmingham under license from Co-wheels CIC. We aim to offer the latest, greenest, least polluting cars. And if you want to be even greener, you can use one of our bikes. (Bikes not available yet, but watch this space!)

    Get a car or bike, when you need it: stop wasting money on having a car parked outside your house

    Car Clubs prices start at £3.75 per hour + 13p per mile (bikes will be much cheaper)

    No car maintenance, servicing or cleaning

    Less hassle than public transport, taxis and traditional hire cars
    and it’s good for the environment:

    Fewer cars on the road (a car club car replaces up to 20 private cars)

    Newer, more fuel efficient cars mean less CO2 emissions and less pollution.

Green Revolutions is a social enterprise which means that all profits will be put back into the business, to buy more vehicles and expand the areas covered.

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