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Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

I’ve just found out that Birmingham City Council have voted for a default speed limit of 20mph on residential roads in the city. More information in this article by Birmingham Friends of the Earth  (click on the link above). This will really help to make roads safer and less daunting for cyclists and pedestrians. Well done BCC!


Have your say on green living spaces plan

Have your say on green living spaces plan

Birmingham City Council have launched a consultation on a plan to help people get the most out of the city’s green spaces.

The Green Living Spaces Plan will look at the vital assets that make up our green living spaces such as trees, woodlands, allotments, public open spaces, green roofs and walls, wetlands, canals and rivers.
Good planning and maintenance of these spaces can bring many benefits, eg improved wildlife habitat, flood protection, climate and air quality control, a sense of place, good recreation areas, sustainable transport options and food growing.