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Pay-as-you-go cars for Kings Heath

Aygo photo

Our new Toyota Aygo

Our community car club, Co-wheels Birmingham, is expanding! We’d like to park our next car in the Kings Heath area…
…so we are looking for a good spot to park it.

What do you think? Where would you like to see a car(s)?

We need your help! Please fill in our SHORT online survey at

As a thank you, we will enter everyone who completes the survey into a prize draw on 21 March. The prize is £10 Co-wheels driving credit.

For more information about our social enterprise (proud to run our business for people and planet):
Or email
Or telephone 0121 288 4882


New evidence that car fumes cause lung cancer and heart failure…

… but even a small reduction in air pollution will save thousands of lives every year.

MEANWHILE, new research from CarPlus (which supports car clubs and car-share schemes) shows that:

  • car club members take fewer journeys by car (and use healthier travel options instead)
  • car club cars tend to be in emissions Band A (lowest), whilst the nation’s fleet is on average in Band D.

So, join a car club, rethink your car use and drive with a Green conscience!

Green Revolutions starting up soon in Stirchley – we have our first car!

For when you want to transport your family, or your shopping, or for longer trips, Green Revolutions have a car for you! We welcome families, so you can move your children – and their stuff – without hassle or expense. We can even provide baby/child seats.
Our first car is a Volkswagen Passat Estate, “Katie”, with plenty of space inside and an efficient Start-Stop engine.
Katie will cost about £5 per hour (works out at 8.5p per minute). You will be able to book her in advance and you won’t have to go looking for her. You’ll be able to keep your car with you for the return journey! If it makes things easier, we can drop her off at your home.
Watch this space for details of how and when you can start driving with a Green conscience.

New 2-seater car club launches in Brum

Over 100 Smartfortwo cars have popped up across Birmingham today for the launch of the Car2go ‘drive on demand’ car club.
You don’t book a car, but instead you go online on your PC or smartphone to find your nearest car, unlock it with your membership card, and then your booking has begun!
Use for short, one-way trips within the ‘home area’, for 1 or 2 people, without much luggage. Costs £29.90 to register (free if you do it before the end of May).
Car use costs 35p per minute (£14.90 per hour).
What do you think? Would you use it?

Hello Co-wheels Car Club Birmingham!


Green Revolutions are operating Co-Wheels Car Club Birmingham as part of the Co-Wheels UK network. Click here for our Birmingham Car Club site.

To join Co-Wheels Birmingham, click here (this link takes you to the Co-Wheels joining page)

To book a vehicle, click here (this link takes you to the Co-Wheels booking page)

To book any extras – baby/child seats, cycle racks, roof bars, roof box – email or phone 0121 288 4882

We want to encourage people to reduce their car use and use greener transport instead: Clean Air, Safe Streets, Healthy Lives.

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