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Bristol car-free Sundays have started!

People could walk safely in designated streets in Bristol city centre yesterday in the first of a series of monthly car-free Sundays.

Mayor George Ferguson said: “This is all about the people, cities are made up of people, not buildings and cars, and this is a wonderful demonstration and wherever I go I have been stopped by people being enthusiastic about it.

“If it has worked like this in this weather, it is going to be absolutely tremendous in finer weather.”

Could we do this in Brum? Of course! We manage OK during the half-marathon…


Hello Co-wheels Car Club Birmingham!


Green Revolutions are operating Co-Wheels Car Club Birmingham as part of the Co-Wheels UK network. Click here for our Birmingham Car Club site.

To join Co-Wheels Birmingham, click here (this link takes you to the Co-Wheels joining page)

To book a vehicle, click here (this link takes you to the Co-Wheels booking page)

To book any extras – baby/child seats, cycle racks, roof bars, roof box – email or phone 0121 288 4882

We want to encourage people to reduce their car use and use greener transport instead: Clean Air, Safe Streets, Healthy Lives.

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Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

I’ve just found out that Birmingham City Council have voted for a default speed limit of 20mph on residential roads in the city. More information in this article by Birmingham Friends of the Earth  (click on the link above). This will really help to make roads safer and less daunting for cyclists and pedestrians. Well done BCC!

Playing Out reclaiming the streets

Reclaim the streets in a legal way, for children to play outside their homes without getting mown down by rat runners