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Name that Car Club!

Name that Car Club!

Please can you help us? We need to choose a geographical name for our pay-as-you-go car club. We have set up a ONE QUESTION survey for you to tell us what terms you would use to search for car rental or a car club. All responders will be in a free prize draw for £20 vouchers for Stirchley Community Market. THANK YOU!

Click here to do the survey:


New evidence that car fumes cause lung cancer and heart failure…

… but even a small reduction in air pollution will save thousands of lives every year.

MEANWHILE, new research from CarPlus (which supports car clubs and car-share schemes) shows that:

  • car club members take fewer journeys by car (and use healthier travel options instead)
  • car club cars tend to be in emissions Band A (lowest), whilst the nation’s fleet is on average in Band D.

So, join a car club, rethink your car use and drive with a Green conscience!


(mainly) FREE stuff for your free time in Stirchley

(mainly) FREE stuff for your free time in Stirchley

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Meet up, share, learn green stuff

Meet up, share, learn green stuff

South Birmingham Green Drinks tonight from 6pm at Ort Cafe, Moseley Rd.

Click on the link for more info and a trailer for the film they are showing at 7.30pm


Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

Birmingham City Council Say 20’s Plenty

I’ve just found out that Birmingham City Council have voted for a default speed limit of 20mph on residential roads in the city. More information in this article by Birmingham Friends of the Earth  (click on the link above). This will really help to make roads safer and less daunting for cyclists and pedestrians. Well done BCC!